Flat roof repair before and afterBecause of design or cost considerations a flat-roof is often the best roofing solution around.  They are much more common on government buildings, commercial office buildings. hospitals and school buildings than they are on family houses.  That said, they generally offer significant cost savings when compared to a pitched roof with all it’s associated carpentry.    In some cases they are the perfect architectural design solution.  For example, we do many roof extensions that frankly would not have enough usable head space if a pitched roof was used.  With a flat roof you can walk to the edge of the room. 

But what actually makes a flat roof? Are they completely flat?

The answer is “maybe”.  It’s much more than simply a system of naming, flat-level roofing describes a style of roofing where the roof is nearly parallel to the earth. In some situations the roof may really be sloped but not bigger than 10 degrees. If the pitch is measured greater than 10 degrees it’s classified as a pitched roof.

Essential Advantages of Flat Roofs

Flat roofing has many possible advantages which many construction and building specialists frequently omit to mention. The expense of constructing a flat roof is less than a pitched roof just because of fewer materialss needed for the construction. Also, the period of time needed to construct a flat roof is generally shorter, additionally reducing labour costs.  Most of the materials (e.g sheet plywood) are also cost-effective when compared to roof joists, allowing for greater economies on the part of the building owner.
They’re also usually easier to inspect and preserve. Maybe one of the most significant edges of flat roofs in the chance to to use the level space as a living space particularly for those living in crowded city spaces. Level roofing can therefore function as another living space for the entire family to love.
Flat roofs have positive gains, but they do have disadvantages too. This is amplified many times in the flat roof because the roof is mostly exposed to the worst of weather. If rainwater cannot be emptied correctly resulting in rainwater pooling which will result in degradation of the covering materials.
Also, at a substantially faster speed when compared with houses or buildings with pitched roofs, snow accumulation can happen in places where there’s significant snowfall in many parts of the year. There have been episodes of flat roofs that have just failed under pressure.
Degradation is a significant issue as the asphalt surface significantly oxidizes if the flat roof is constructed of asphalt. Over time, plasticizers dry up the asphalt and can leach out. This results in brittleness creating fractures. A more innovative roofing material is. But if the EPDM was installed, there’s a tendency the nails can penetrate the watertight membrane of the roofing.
The following are some of the common issues associated flat  roofing.
On concrete roof – fractures, surface erosion, or splits
On EPDM rubber roof – holes, shrinkage, roof detailing that is inferior, or reductions
On fibreglass roof – flows near abutments, splits, or fractures

Are All Flat Roofing Firms The Same?

Occasionally you are going to need the services of a professional roof repair firm that specialises in flat roofs.  And we would be delighted to be that firm!  While level roofing is basically simple to install and keep sometimes they leak and when they do they need to be repaired quickly and professionally.  That’s where we come in.  Any roofing company in Salford or nearby is going to offer flat roofing but we do it right.  Just ask our customers.  Any one is more than welcome to talk to previous roof repair customers.  You can also check out our roofing reviews online.

A flat roof undoubtedly presents some unique challenges in its upkeep and repair. A professional roof repair business will send their surveyor to make a professional evaluation concerning the actual nature of the issue since a great bulk of the pitfalls connected with level roofing is the inclination of the roofing materials to break or lose its integrity. This supplies enough info to the roof repair firm to make the greatest possible recommendation regarding the resolution of the issue. If the issue is minimal, a patch repair that is professional should be adequate. The roof repair firm can use a heat-applied patch on a great quality liquid system or other issues can be properly addressed.

If the flat roof has reached its end when it comes to lifespan,it might just be possible to add a layer in addition to the present layer.   But that is rare, very, very rare.
Flat roofs in many cases are the selection of homeowners and families who’d like to use the space as an added living space for the growing family. Nevertheless, it does present some unique challenges that only a professional roof firm that specialises in level/flat roofing can successfully take care of.